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The Weave Maker Space

where ideas turn into reality

Weave workshop in maker space
Maker space weave sewing
Weave Maker space sewing machine
Weave maker space sewing machine
Weave Maker space
The Weave Maker Space is where we create jobs for local people with years of experience of working in the textile industries - who can do anything, from making up samples to high quality production runs.
It's where you can get access to tools and equipment, and training on professional standard machinery and computer software.
It’s where you can learn what it takes to be a confident and successful entrepreneur, or host your own workshops to share the skills you may already have.
It's where you can connect with trade and social networks and try online trading, or simply drop-in for a peep at what our members are exhibiting or for an informal chat about how we can help your ideas to become a reality.
It’s why famous shops like Hamley’s toy shops commissioned weave to create theatrical uniforms for its staff worldwide.